La Rinascita Valledolmo - Tomato Sauce "Siccagno" 410gr (Organic/유기농 토마토 소스 시까뇨)

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8,000 won
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Cooperativa Rinascita is a company from Valledolmo, a small mountain village near Palermo. 
It has represented small producers of tomatoes from the Madonie mountains for more than 50 years. 
Valledolmo is a place where Siccagno tomato – a variety that does not need any water - is very popular: according to the traditional technique and in conformity with strict processing regulations,  farmers by Rinascita plant and harvest tomatoes manually exploiting nutritional principles contained in the soils of this area characterized by clay and sand. 



They express a great passion and attention producing  tomato sauces  and ‘passata’. The processing plant used for this purpose and owned by Cooperativa Rinascita is a few kilometers from fields where tomatoes grow. Only the best fruits are chosen for the realisation of sauces and ‘passata’ at moderate temperatures and with no chemicals.


A zero-mile supply chain representing flavor and freshness of its produces and valorizing the value of Valledolmo area and its products.



Siccagno in Sicilian means not irrigated.
The Siccagno tomatoes would be processed at the height of summer. The tomatoes were cooked immediately after harvesting, then spread out on boards made from woven reeds, cannizze, which were covered with a cloth and set out in the sun, in the street or in a courtyard. 

Every so often the women and children would stir the tomato paste. Once it had dried, oil-greased hands were used to form it into balls, called astrattu, which were stored in jars. Tomatoes suited to this type of processing can no longer be found. Cultivation without irrigation doesn’t require water, but the harvest is scanty, so the technique was abandoned and the old Siccagno tomatoes were replaced with modern hybrids.



Produced exclusively using organic siccagno tomato, harvested by hand, without any added ingredient. 

Easy to be used, you can fried garlic or onion, then add tomato sauce cook it for 10 min adding salt and a little bit of sugar. 
Cook pasta and then add it to tomato sauce.

Ingredients: Siccagno Tomato
Territory: Valledolmo (Palermo)
Net weight: 410g
Classification: Organic organic



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